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The owner of FinsNthings (Kory) is actively trying to bring awareness to the hobby. In doing so, he has lunched several Facebook groups. Please take a look and join those that suit your needs in this hobby. Join one or join them all, we would love to have you.


  1. USA Freshwater Plant Sales (No Auction)
    • With all the Auction type format groups popping up , why not back to the the classic classified type set-up.
  2. Shrimp Keeping USA – Neocaridina – Caridina – Sulawesi
    • This group is for USA residents only. Keeps is local for connecting with others “Locally”.
  3. Freshwater Shrimp / Caridina / Neocaridina / Invertebrates
    • This is an International Shrimp group. Everyone from all around the world is welcome to join.
  4. Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp Products Review & Discussion
    • I thought this was a good idea. With so many products on the market. Rate & Discuss!
  5. Aquariums, Plants & Fish (Buy / Sell / Trade) – Northern Illinois
    • If you live in Illinois and have something aquarium related to want to buy or sell, come join us.
  6. USA Saltwater Fish & Coral Auctions (Zoa / LPS / SPS / Mushroom / Polyp)
    • The plan is to have a USA Saltwater suction group for our USA residents.
  7. Saltwater Reef Aquarium / Corals / Frags / Zoas / SPS / LPS / Shrimp & Fish
    • This is a slow growing group but we thought it wasn’t fair to leave out our salty friends.
  8. Greater Chicago Shrimp Keepers – Cardina / Neocardina / Sulawesi / Inverts
    • Hoping to turn this into an actual club sometime soon with meetings. Abbreviated as GCSKA
  9. Freshwater Aquarium / Guppy / Livebearers / Shrimp / Fish / Plants & Snails
    • Our 1st Facebook Group ever. With over 3,500 Members. We discuss anything Freshwater!
  10. Freshwater Aquarium Rhizome Plants – Anubias / Bucephalandra / Crytocoryne
    • Last but not least, a group dedicated to only Rhizome Plants. They are in a league of their own.













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