Black Water Extract (6 oz.)


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Blackwater has been a great to aquariums for years.  It gives fish a natural habitat, which promotes breeding. The brown tinted water gives an amazon like feel in your tank for looks, and even goes as far as breaking down and cycling water. With the ions in Blackwater, it also helps with plant growth. This is 100% all natural with NO ADDED CHEMICALS, and has been a favorite by many aquarium hobbyist.

I often use this to breed fish of my own with the latest being Platinum Angels and before that was Long Fin Gold Rams.  It is perfect to add to your tank right around the breeding cycle if you know when that is. Both the Angels and Rams is was about every 2 weeks.  I put a few drops in the tank on the night of the 13th day and the next day they were laying eggs! 

Other fish including Neon and Cardinal Tetras, Chili, Phoenix, Dwarf and Galaxy Rasboras, Licorice and Chocolate Gouramies, Wild Bettas, Plecostomus and other Amazon Fish are just some of the types of fish that like and respect the effect of this special product. 

TREATMENT: Add 2 drops per gallon for breeding purposes, or 1 drop per gallon during water changes to maintain your tank.

WARNING: Stains caused by Black Water may be difficult to remove. Keep out of reach of children. When treating fish, try on a small number initially to test for reactions before treating on large numbers of fish.


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